Comments from a few of our Customers

Maggie Klein, co-owner, Oliveto Cafe and Restaurant:

"Sharon's large color photograph of an old Tuscan olive orchard helped create a mood in my eponymously named restaurant Oliveto (olive grove) that is truly wonderful. The light and movement among the trees created a scene that was at once contemplative and bright, earthy and fresh. Her use of the camera captured the ancient traditions of olive growing in that sensuous part of the world."

Sally Allred, Niebaum-Coppola (aka Inglenook) Winery:

"These are great shots,
Thank you again, you were a life/party saver!"

Sigrid Seps of Storybook Wines regarding photos of a harvest event at the winery:

"I love them! Thank you so much! Cheers!

Some Quotes from feature article in local newspapers (PDF, HTML):

"Sharon really helped us out in a pinch with a very high end wine tasting and dinner," said Sally Allred, the event director for Niebaum-Coppola Winery in Napa. "Her photos were great; she really knew how to capture the feeling of the evening."
Paul Eisenberg, owner of Poppy Fabrics in Oakland and a regular client of the gallery, shares a similar opinion of Collier's work: "If you're a wine drinker, like I am, going back to the places where those wines came from; the earth and the vineyards are so beautiful and she captures that like no one else does, you can almost feel the sunshine in the vines."

Further quote from Paul Eisenberg, Poppy Fabric, Oakland, CA:

"Sharon has also done commercial work for my business, Poppy Fabric, including ads and photographs to accompany a magazine article. Her sense of color and design are extraordinary, the results dramatic, and she is highly praised by all who have seen her pictures - she is also a pleasure to work with."

From Ann Flinn, Proprietor, Bear Meadow Lavender, Boonville, CA:

"The photographs of our lavender field were wonderful. Sharon captured the fading sun on the golden hills with the shadows beginning to creep across the field. We used one of those photos as a postcard. Looking at her photos, you could almost smell the lavender and hear the bees as you stood in the middle of the field."

From Ed Koch, Coactive Aesthetics, Inc., San Rafael, CA:

"We really needed good photographs of our product for some promotion pieces and, after having been disappointed by another company, a business associate of ours recommended Sharon Collier... she not only took fantastic photos that met our needs precisely, but was ahead of our deadline and we found the price to be very reasonable, especially considering the quality of work involved."

From Jason K., Oakland, CA - who had very specific requirements for several large mounted photographs:

"They look fabulous. I am very happy and satisfied."

From Rhonda G., a satisfied customer who came back for more --

"My husband and I don't have much on our walls, and have been looking for things that "mean" something to us. We purchased a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge suspension cable from you and love it"